Got the NOS Mower, Brah!

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Ah, the new-school power of nitrous oxide blended with the jet set trash and no star world of Cherry Bomb mufflers, all wedded to a hand-me-down lawnmower. The hooligans at Callie's Customs came up with what should by all rights be a massively overcarbureted mower (an Edelbrock 750? WTF!?!), but apparently the things spins up to a 12k redline, which is absolutely ludicrous from a garden-variety one-lunger like this. Nutzoid. [Thanks to Jason for the tip.]


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This thing is cool, but sometimes its more easy to have artificial turf. it's getting very common lately and it isnt that expensive though. i checked on provider but i think there are many out there.

the only thing is you've to lear how to install or perhaps pay for somebody else to do it.