Google Street View driver makes for terrible neighbor

It's not unusual to have neighborly disputes over what goes down on the other side of the fence, but one San Diego neighborhood has noticed an increasing eyesore ever since a Google Street View car started parking down the street.

The neighbor who shot this video says the mess spilling out of the driveway began three months ago, around the time the Street View camera car and a procession of black vehicles — sometimes including an Escalade, a Jaguar and a BMW — began piling up.

At first, the neighbors thought it was just people moving in, but the pileup has continued for months.


Adding to their complaints: the driving habits of the Street View operator, which the neighbor who sent this video to us described as "like a Tijuana cab driver that has to go take an emergency piss."

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Far be it for us to weigh on how neighbors should settle their spats, but thankfully someone snagged a picture of the house as it appeared before the messiness began.

That someone was, of course, Google Street View.

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I don't see any problem at all. Mainly because the video is out of focus and looks as though it were shot by someone with Parkinsons Disease.

More importantly though is why is this douche neighbor complaining to the world? Is he expecting Anonymous to show up with a dumpster and a shit load of trashbags? If talking to this person hasn't done any good, why haven't you gone down to City Hall, or the County Building and filed a complaint for a trash or zone violation?