After a recent spate of burglaries, residents of Broughton, a village in Buckinghamshire, UK, formed a human chain around, and hurling insults at, a Google Street View car, refusing to allow it inside the hamlet.

A spate of burglaries in the Buckinghamshire village of Broughton caused residents to spring into action when the Google Street View car puttered towards Broughton with a 360-degree camera on its roof. The villagers formed a human chain to stop it, haranguing the driver about "invasion of privacy" fears, claiming a belief that the images Google planned to put online could be used by burglars.

As police made their way to the stand-off, the Google car yielded to the villagers and for now, Broughton remains off the internet search engine's mapping service.

So while there's yet to be found any connection between a rise in burglaries and the Google Street View service, it didn't stop this small UK village from extreme NIMBY-ism. (Hat tip to engineerd!)

[via Times Online]