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A couple months back we showed you the first shot of the Microsoft Live "Street View" truck. Now a tipster to our gadget-obsessed brother site snapped some pictures of what appears to be Google upping the ante. The tipster, who will remain nameless to protect his identity from Google bombs, found in a secret lair at a highway park-n-ride 30 Chevy Cobalts. But these weren't just any Cobalts, all of them were "Street Cam" camera equipped, or "an armada of C.C.C.Cs (Chevy Cobalt Camera Cars)" as the Chevrolet-spotting Gizmodo tipster called them. We're wondering whether this means Chevrolet has thrown aside their allegiance to the forces of good (mom, apple pie, baseball and Autobots) in order to assist the forces of evil (Google)? More than likely Google just got a really good deal on a mess of Cobalts. [Gizmodo]


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