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Google Glass-Wearing Pit Crew Is The Closest You'll Ever Get To Indy

Very few things can faithfully encapsulate the organized chaos that is a real, professional pit-stop. Maybe an Ethiopian intersection, but that's about it. Graham Rahal's IndyCar team decided to do their best at just that, by affixing members of their pit crew team with the all-seeing Google Glass.


Watching this kind of video will raise your level of respect for elite pit crews that much more. If I was on one of these teams, there would be much yelling, and much profanity, all directed at me. The slow, chubby one, with the bad motor skills who keeps getting in everyone's way and leave's Graham's race car with only three tires.


We all know that one day the much-feared and much-vaunted Google Glass will one day save the car enthusiast, but for now it seems like it's mostly useful for just taking sweet perspective videos on race tracks.

My only complaint is that I haven't yet seen an extended version of this, with Graham wearing the Glass (Graham Wears Glass is my new favorite TV show) for an entire race. I don't think that would be incredibly distracting, or anything like that at all.

I will give the first driver to do it during Indy a dollar. A whole dollar.

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My X-type is too a real Jaguar

I will give the first driver to do it during Indy a dollar. A whole dollar.

What would be the difference between Google Glass and the traditional over the shoulder in car camera? I don't see the need except for ohhh look how trendy we are.