Google Could've Given Everyone Senna And There Wouldn't Be Problems

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I kept refreshing and refreshing my window, but there was no Ayrton Senna Google Doodle for me. And not for a lot of you, as it sounds. Patrick wrote a great post on the topic, so I hope Google feels the pressure.


Actually, they should probably hear what has to Ash 78 say:

Thanks a lot, Google. This Earth Day, I'm going to give you an early Kwanzaa present, made up of a gift basket of organic cow patties from last year's Wicca Harvest Festival, delivered by a Punkin Chunkin catapult and dressed up all silly like an entry from Red Bull Flugtag, you bunch of selectively inclusive weirdos!

Happy Festivus!

You guys in Mountain View have been warned.

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Congratulatins, Mr. Ash78, on another COTD! I have for you an F1 car which this lovely lady will deliver to you if she can fit behind the steering wheel.