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Road tripping is, arguably, the most enjoyable way to get from Point A to Point B. No rush, no airport hassle, no depending on everyone else; just you, wheels on the ground, and adventure waiting before you. It’s pretty magical.

And I knew you Jalops out there would have some great stories to tell about your impressive road trip feats. In lieu of grabbing a beer and chatting about it, here are some of the most incredible road trips y’all had to offer. I’ll let these comments speak for themselves. Y’all have the coolest lives.

Trooping Cross-Country (Opa Brummbaer)

Oregon Bound (Dusty Ventures)


Harrowing Ride (Still Deadpan Andre Braugher)

Make sure you check out the responses to this story, too. So many unbelievable post-9/11 drives.


I Would Drive 10,000 Miles (caddyak)

Adventure On The Road (1968 Ford Falcon - 255,350 miles currently)


Pinzgauer Power (Diavel in Hawaii)

Unfriendly Highway (huja)


Surf n’ Turf (Churba)

Don’t Try This At Home (neverspeakawordagain)


Heartbreak Road (milong)

This Hurts Just Reading It (benlama1)


On To The Nürburgring (TDPR)

Penske Perfect (NO)


Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (Doncommando)

Triumphant (GasMan)