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Among the items we missed this week due to the cargasm that was the LA Auto Show was a note in an article in yesterday's Freep. It detailed a few notable assets FoMoCo's got listed in a filing with the SEC explaining how they'd be securing $18 billion in credit. It seems that one of the credit-backers is a patent for the Ford name in script and the company's seal of approval — the big n' bold blue oval. Also listed were the patents for the Lincoln and Mercury brands. So I guess the company's literally leveraging it's "good name" in this last-ditch bold move. If they go...

...out of business, I'm totally buying up the blue oval on the side of the Dearborn-based automaker's glass house of a headquarters — that'd totally look epic on the wall in my bedroom and let me finally replace the "FoMoCo" logo I've got up top.

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