Going Crazy In The World’s Most Powerful Pagani Zonda

This is the Pagani Zonda 760RS. It’s the most powerful version of the 13-year-old Zonda and it sells for $2.6 million, twice the price of Pagani’s new car, the Huayra. So yes, it’s a bit special. You can guess what the 760 stands for.

Behind the wheel is Evo’s editorial director Harry Metcalfe, who happens to own a Zonda, although not a 760RS. Metcalfe is talking into a small handheld camera. Metcalfe, despite being a Zonda owner, is like a kid in a candy store.


At one point, he describes how this $2.6 million car belongs to a guy in South America who’d lent it to Evo for a spin before having it shipped to his home. Metcalfe then says, “I can’t go too crazy in this car.” You may think you can guess what happens then, but you can’t. Hint: He goes too crazy. Yes, you will need speakers.

Thank you, South American Mystery Man, thank you, Mr. Metcalfe.

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