When you're the queen and you're tooling around in a Bentley State Limo, we're guessing you listen to whatever music strikes your fancy. While we think it would be awesome/meta if the queen listened to Queen or The Sex Pistols, we realize that this is not the world we live in. To drown out the sound of the twin-turbo 6.75L V8 Her Majesty listens to the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards band. Which is awesome in its own way.

Made up of 26 bagpipers and drummers, the band hasn't had a hit since 1972 when their cover of "Amazing Grace" rocked the glen. But now that the queen's on board we're sure that's to change. A source close to the queen said "The queen loves to relax to the band's music, especially when she is being driven to her royal engagements." God Save the Queen! [M&C]