The Goblin WolfSpyder is a kit that transforms a Can Am Spyder reverse trike into a fully-enclosed road-going fighter plane. Finally, we can fulfill our dream of owning the least practical vehicle ever.

The kit retains the stock Can Am Spyder suspension, but clearly uses a bespoke frame which locates the driver low down and between the front wheels. The engine is relocated behind the cockpit with a huge and functionless tail fin (Goblin claims it may help other road users see you) bolted to the top.


Like the Can Am, the WolfSpyder doesn't lean and presumably retains the incredibly restrictive stability control system, which is the only thing standing between the Spyder and lawsuits fun.

The WolfSpyder bodykit adds $19,995 to the Spyder's $15,449 base price and is registerale as a motorcycle. [Goblin via]