A few weeks ago we reported on the garage in Valencia, Spain that was raided by police after it was found to be producing fake Ferraris and other exotic cars. Now the Spanish National Police have released video of what that garage looked like, and it's quite a sight.

Inside we can see a litany of fake Ferraris, some fully completed, others under construction. I have to say this: compared to a lot of replicas I've seen, these are actually really decent. I mean, you can tell they aren't quite the real deal from the panel gaps and interiors, but they're not bad at all.

What really gives them away are the front-mounted Toyota four-cylinder engines, which — FUN FACT — most Ferraris do not have. Some of these replicas even had fake Ferrari engines in the middle to complete the effect. They even have manual transmissions, which is more than you can say for real Ferraris these days.

Eight people were arrested after Ferrari filed a trademark claim against the builders. According to earlier reports, the buyers knew the cars were fake. A total of 17 cars were seized.

Video credit Spanish National Police

Hat tip to Autoblog!