Go Here For Inspiration On Your Audi A9

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No doubt after checking out the breakout styling superstar Audi A9 we saw yesterday, you're contemplating a similar transformation for your own boring commuter-mobile. Why not spice things up with wings, various pipes, lights, fiberglass and faux fur? It seems like the only logical thing to do. Setting aside the sarcasm for a moment, there's some truth to be found there. Maybe it's just because a little piece of us wants to see Dekotora-style cars running around and frightening old ladies and making little kids cry. [CarStylingTips.com]

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Ash78, voting early and often

@paul_y: So true. I can't help but wonder—if I may put myself in the unenviable position of a 19-year-old male retail worker with a '96 Integra—if the budget for mods is just blown on the bodykit (with nothing left to spend on paint), or if that has just become truly fashionable.

An entire car in primer gray? Okay. Just your front/rear dams and side skirts? Lame.