Up until now, we've seen Formula E cars running in low power mode, with output limited to around 178 hp, like it is during a race. Now we get to see a lap with the dial cranked, and even better, we get it from the driver's perspective.

Luca di Grassi joined a handful of Formula E teams running at the Donington Park Testing track earlier this month, and while we know how they sound from the outside, from di Grassi's perspective, the only thing he hears is wind – which is kind of disconcerting on four wheels and just north of 140 mph.

The way the cars are set up, they have two modes. The standard mode caps output at 133 kW (178 hp) and the boost mode maxes out at 200 kW, or 268 hp. The drivers only gets full power for two short blasts during the race (idiotic popularity contest aside), but this isn't a race, it's a test day, which means di Grassi could open it up for a full lap. It's quick, even if it lacks the aural drama of a screaming V8.