The second-ever Pagani Zonda is a franken car. It has 1.1 million kilometers on the clock and has served as the development car for every single Zonda. It has now been upgraded to the latest Zonda 760 spec. This is what it's like to drive flat out in the Italian countryside in the most exciting car in the world.

The Zonda 760 may have 760 gorgeous horsepower, but it's incredibly rare and there's basically no footage of one being driven hard.


Tim Shmee got down to Pagani's factory for a ride in the Zonda 760 development car, and this is one case where the test driver took it anything but easy. There are burnouts. There are slides. There are donuts. And there is that engine noise. That sweet, sweet, engine noise.

The car may look a bit like Frankenstein's monster, but the sound is pure Zonda and pure bliss.


(Thanks for sending this in Tim!)

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