Our very overworked video team has finally gotten around to editing all the video taken this summer when I went on the big Airhead Treffen, a shared excuse for air-cooled Volkswagen owners all over to drive around and get together in one place and geek the fuck out over air-cooled VWs. That’s why you’ve been seeing all this air-cooled content showing up lately. If you think you can stomach more of it, this video has all kinds of great old VWs to geek out over. Like I did.

This was from one of the stops on the Treffen, in Monterey, California. This area of Volkswagendom is very Type 2/Bus heavy, so you’ll see lots of those here, but there’s a good variety as well.


Oh, and I’d like to specifically point out that the strangely modified Beetle at around 0:50 into the video I believe is attempting to reference a post-war Steyr 50/Volkswagen hybrid that was a thing for a very brief period of time.

That’s a very deep cut when it comes to customizing themes, which I think is why I love it so much.

Also, it’s possible I was off on some of the years here, but I think I should be in the ballpark, at least. It wasn’t a stop-and-scrutinize kind of situation. So, if I’m off by a year or so on any of these, my apologies.


Anyway, I hope you have fun walking around with me, listening to me go on and on about these old, noisy things.

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