GM's New Key Fob Goes Both Ways: Two-Way Communicator Shows Tire Pressure, Fuel Level, Radio Presets

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Through the marvel of two-way radio frequency communication, the General's now got a brand new toy coming your way. It's a — wait for it — hell, give it a drum-roll — key fob! And if we're to believe the hype, it promises to revolutionize your pocket through a breakthrough in miniaturization of both size and costs. For the wee fee of only $150, this new key chain attachment finally puts key information drivers need to know at all times right at their fingertips — and from the comfort of their home or place of work via a crisp little Tamagotchi-like screen on the front of the fob. So that means it's the answer to all of our prayers — no more sleepless nights worrying if your car's tires are properly inflated — it's right there on your key fob. No more...


...leaving the bar an hour early because you need to change your favorite radio presets — it's right there on your key fob. No more eye strain trying to peek out your front window to check if your passenger side window is half an inch down — it's right there on your key fob. No more staying at work all night with a half-blind dwarf and a panda bear because you're not sure you've got any gas in the car — ok, that one doesn't make sense — but whatevs, you get the picture — this fob's got a hella lot of information available to you.

GM's new key fob can check fuel level, tire pressures [USA Today]

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Ooh, a '92 Camaro would be a perfect opportunity to see if retro-fitting works — it could have a mullet indicator and everything!