We'd heard earlier this month GM was considering the possibility of cutting a brand — and Pontiac and GMC were the two we were told had the greatest possibility of seeing their head hit the chopping block. While apparently that's still being debated, the GM forum fan-boys over at GMInsideNews have come across news that two planned products in the GMC portfolio of platform prostitutes — the next GMC Acadia and a possible Acadia SUT — may be asked to leave the bunny ranch. What GMI's heard, after the jump.

"GM recently canceled two GMC product programs. The next-generation GMC Acadia program is the first program to be cut from the product plans at GMC. Originally the Acadia was slated to stay on with the next generation lineup of Lambda crossovers...however, that has obviously changed.

The next GMC product program to get sliced was the GMC Lambda SUT program. GM is currently working on two Lambda SUT's to combat the truck market with higher fuel efficiency. Chevrolet and GMC were both going to get a variant of the Lambda truck around the 2011-2012 time-frame. However, like its Acadia brother, this GMC has too bit the dust within the product plans at GM. That leaves only the GMC Theta program running (to replace the Pontiac Torrent) between now and 2012."


Our take? It's possible. While we had heard rumblings of an SUT out of both brands, it doesn't necessarily make sense to run two vehicles off the platform given the current economy and gas prices. So it doesn't surprise us to hear both have been cut. On the Acadia front — it all depends on what sales numbers look like tomorrow. If Lambda sales were up, we wouldn't put much stock in the rumor. However, if numbers look bad, it's probably correct. Yup, crystal balls this ain't. [via GM Inside News]

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