GMCock-Block: Arnett Out As Voice Of KITT, Val Kilmer In

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Will Arnett is out as the voice of KITT in NBC's upcoming Knight Rider revival, having been replaced with the Iceman himself, Val Kilmer. Arrested Development star Arnett was forced to pull out due to contractual conflicts; previously he'd done voice over work for GMC.

The swap comes due to Ford's ponying up huge sums of cash for advertising time on NBC to market the casting of the Shelby Mustang GT500KR as the show's star, The Knight Industries Three Thousand. It's believed that Ford was unhappy with the potential boost GMC ads could gain by featuring KITT's voice saying, "It's not more than you need, just more than you're used to."

Personally, we think the new voice for KITT is way sexier anyway. The media fan-boy in us is positively giddy over the potential homoerotic meta-ness Kilmer could bring to the show. "You can be my wingman anytime, Michael."
[Knight Rider Online]

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