GMC Suburban with 49 Inch Tires Will Stop At Nothing

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Most guys into off roading will equip their rig with anything from a set of 33" tires for light duty rock crawling to 44" tires for deep mud bogging. Of course everyone has their preferences and guys usually make tire size decisions based on ego as much as utility. Kristjan Kristjansson of Iceland either has a big purpose, or an enormous ego because he's gone ahead and fitted his GMC Suburban with 49" flotation tires. They make sense for playing in Iceland's frozen wonderlands, but we have to wonder how the tire hum has affected the cabin ambiance.


Dana 60's front and rear, air lockers, hydraulic steering dampers, air suspension, and an Atlas transfer case
that goes from 2.7:1 all the way down to 20.68:1. In case you weren't counting, that's enough reduction to allow the 6.6L Duramax to drag Iceland south if he could find a good towing point. While Kristjan's dually fendered 'Burb is the baddest in the land, we're pretty interested in the T-Rex-like 6x6 Dodge Ram in one of the pics.

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Pretty standard fare for Iceland, I spent a couple weeks there, and saw everything from seriously-outfitted H1's to 4WD Econoline Monster vans (they're really into motocross too). Pretty much every road that goes into the interior of the country are 4WD only, mostly due to glacial runoffs creating deep streams, so they actually use these things. Every rental car has a giant sticker on the dash prohibiting driving these "F" routes, which is naturally the first place I took our Yaris rental