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GM Using US Postal Fleet As Fuel Cell Equinox Test Bed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

GM is partnering with the US Postal Service to place its fuel cell-powered Chevy Equinox into service in Irvine, California and other yet-to-be-identified locations. The idea is to put the fuel cell SUVs into heavy-use situations to help work out the development kinks. Not only that, but they'll be able to test the operation of the hydrogen filling station at UC Irvine. It's a cunning plan, and it makes sense, but they aren't getting one over on us.


GM is putting high technology in the hands of the government's most notoriously dangerous agency. While deep undercover, we're certain the "mail carriers" will use the Equinox to quickly develop the necessary network of hydrogen depots, drop stations, and the intel needed for the larger plan, whatever that is. We don't know what the "targets" are, but the plan falls under GM's false flag "Project Driveway" operation. So far they've placed a hundred of these "fuel cell vehicles" with "test subjects" around the country. We don't like where this is going. Not one bit. Now where are our meds? [Edmunds