GM Tries To Speak Like 'The Youth' And Fails Miserably

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The Chevrolet Spark is a cute car, designed for young buyers. But apparently, GM's marketing department is an older crowd, the kind that goes home every night to watch Mad About You reruns and eat frozen dinners.


Check out their idea of "hip" in a press release about the Spark.

Hooking up the Spark with 15-inch dubs, making it the only vehicle in the segment to come standard with alloy wheels and increasing its performance and style street cred.


Too bad dubs are 20-inch rims. Yo, yo, these fools be lunchin'. Wait, you know, like, out to lunch? Get it? I could totally get a job on the General's marketing team. (Hat tip to @Noonz!)

Photo credit: General Motors

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It's cringeworthy especially for us teens because we don't talk like this. Derp and Derpette do on the internet, but the internet isn't real life. This is the corporate equivalent of when parents would toke up with their kids in an effort to look "cool." Seriously.

You know what kids would like? If you stuck the MSRP in the ad in big bold letters, the way IKEA does in its store.