GM's design guru "Maximum" Bob Lutz lobbed out $40,000 as yet another price for the 2011 Chevy Volt. Lutz's comments, made when speaking to the Seattle Times were that the Volt would retail for about $40,000 and generate no profit for GM. Wow. Last we heard, the Volt would be selling for $30,000. Or course, since the car is still pretty far off, you've gotta expect some slight fluctuation in price. But who knew Bob would be keeping us abreast of every internal change โ€” like some sort of weather vane of Volt pricing?

Maybe GM meant that the Volt will be close to $30k, you know, after government hand-outs tax credits that could be good for about $7,000. Maybe that explains why he told our friend Rob Einaudi over at CarDomain on Tuesday pricing would actually be under $40,000? Maybe that's what the Seattle Times just didn't hear the word "under." [CarDomain, Seattle Times via ABG]