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GM Tosses Out Yet Another Random Price For Chevy Volt

Illustration for article titled GM Tosses Out Yet Another Random Price For Chevy Volt

GM's design guru "Maximum" Bob Lutz lobbed out $40,000 as yet another price for the 2011 Chevy Volt. Lutz's comments, made when speaking to the Seattle Times were that the Volt would retail for about $40,000 and generate no profit for GM. Wow. Last we heard, the Volt would be selling for $30,000. Or course, since the car is still pretty far off, you've gotta expect some slight fluctuation in price. But who knew Bob would be keeping us abreast of every internal change — like some sort of weather vane of Volt pricing?


Maybe GM meant that the Volt will be close to $30k, you know, after government hand-outs tax credits that could be good for about $7,000. Maybe that explains why he told our friend Rob Einaudi over at CarDomain on Tuesday pricing would actually be under $40,000? Maybe that's what the Seattle Times just didn't hear the word "under." [CarDomain, Seattle Times via ABG]

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Rob Emslie

It would be worth it if it came with an arm that you could crank up and then run the car off of the over-head wires for the MUNI buses when driving around town.