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We already knew another E-Flex was coming, but now we're hearing from the folks at the UK-based online mag all about cars the General will be bringing a diesel-engined E-Flex concept car to the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. We've already been told by GM the E-Flex plug-in hybrid platform can be paired with a variety of different systems for generating power for travels greater than 40 miles — and have already seen a gas and hydrogen version. But this is the first time we've heard confirmation they'd be hitting a show with a diesel version of the eco-concept in tow. Better yet, they're also reporting the General will be collaborating with Dean Kamen's two-wheeled replacement for walking, the Segway. We've no idea what they've got in store. However, while at the Riverwalk Festival in downtown Detroit a couple weeks back one of us spied amid the Saturn display a creation that represents the last time the General and Segway tag-teamed up for a joint venture.

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