The recent belt tightening at GM kicked off last month with massive cuts to costs attributed to salaries (that means people losing jobs). Then GM started to make cuts to its non-car promotions with a slash of the Nascar budget. That line item's getting another whack as we've been told today the GM "Style" event has now slipped the mortal marketing coil. A perpetual favorite of el-cheap-o auto journalists, the GM Style event combined shiny new cars, free entertainment, lavish food, and pretty models — it was a terrible, terrible burden for us to attend — but we mustered up the courage necessary to do it for you, our readers. With things getting tight over at the Renaissance Center, this monstrous soiree has now fallen to the chopping block, leaving us workin' stiffs looking for other sources of free food and booze in the day pre-Detroit Show. When will the carnage end? [DetNews]