​GM Sent Recall Notices To Accident Victims' Families

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Sixteen-year-old Amber Marie Rose died in 2005 after her Chevy Cobalt struck a tree. Rose was one of 13 victims identified by GM as crashing due to a faulty ignition switch. Last week, her mother received two recall notices to fix both that and the power steering system on the Cobalt that claimed her daughter's life. Jesus GM.


Rose's mother, Terri DiBattista, says that she received postcards from a local GM dealer, where it outlined three different recalls the automaker issued in the past few months. And they were sent to the family's new house in South Carolina where they moved in order to cope with the loss of their daughter.

The fact that GM can't even keep tabs on 13 VINs that destroyed peoples lives is just the latest testament to how badly GM has – and continues – to fuck up.


So far, GM has recalled 2.6 million vehicles to replace the defective switch that took 13 lives, although the feds think that figure is far too low.

GM has apologized to the families of the victims today, with spokesman Greg Martin telling Reuters, "we are deeply sorry to those families who received a recall notice."

That's the absolute least they could do. A proper database would be another solid step.

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This isn't any sort of slip up on GM's part. If they are the last listed owner, they are legally required to send the notice unless they are positive the VIN is no longer in existence. That is very difficult to confirm since there isn't a national database of every car scrapped in America. I like you guys, but spinning this as anything but part of GM's legal responsibilities is poor journalism.