GM Seeing Uptick In Truck, SUV Sales According To Lutz

Bloomberg today reports that GM product czar Bob Lutz, referencing a handful of GM dealerships, is saying that the decline in pickup sales may be "bottoming out." Lutz apparently commented that dealers are seeing "some resurgence in demand for full-size SUVs and pickups," though he declined to mention specific figures — or the specific dealers reporting the demand. So, what's behind the new SUV boomlet? Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Obviously, gas falling below $4 a gallon is having some effect — unleaded suddenly seems like a bargain, and the short-sighted are likely convinced the energy crisis is over. But we think it's pretty humorous that Lutz is touting the recovery of the truck and SUV market just as GM is in the midst of a huge and well-advertised "employee pricing for everyone" sale. Of course sales are seeing an uptick; that's what incentives do. So, while we're happy for GM that they're able to clear some excess inventory, we're not quite ready to say the truck and SUV sales slide has bottomed out. [Bloomberg]


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