GM Probably Isn't Showing Us A New Corvette Next Week, Which Totally Sucks

 Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube

We’ve seen what could possibly be a new Corvette ZR1 or some other big-winged performance variant running around for months, and it would only make sense for General Motors to reveal it in full at the Detroit Auto Show next week. But nope.

According to a report from GM Authority, there wont any new Corvette variants at the big show next week, which would have been perfect for the expected 2018 model year ZR1 to drop. Now we have to wait, and I hate waiting.

We’re expecting plenty of semi-autonomous and self-driving mumbo jumbo at the show, which is already hard to sit through during this week’s CES, so a nice big wing slapped to a super fast and super loud Corvette would have been nice.


You could have been the cool kid at the party, Chevy. Now you’re probably just going to talk about selling a Chevy Bolt to Apple’s Steve Wozniak.

Wake me up when there’s a Corvette with a wing large enough to sleep on.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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I used to love getting news from the car shows, it was so exciting to see unveilings. It was like Christmas for gearheads. Nowadays it’s sad, like our parents decided to wrap all our presents in clear plastic. There are no surprises from the carmakers under the tree. <sniff, sniff>