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GM Plans Diesels In Cadillac And Saturn Cars By 2010!

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According to Automotive News, the General's product maven "Maximum" Bob Lutz just dropped the following diesel-fueled bomb:

"GM sources say the automaker will show a diesel engine at the Frankfurt auto show in September on an e-flex Opel Vectra. In GM's e-flex powertrain, a traditional engine such as a diesel or gasoline engine, recharges a battery pack that provides power for an electric motor.

GM will show the same variant at the Detroit auto show in January on a Saturn, most likely the Aura sedan. GM showed off the e-flex system on the Chevrolet Volt concept car at the Detroit auto show this year.

"It'll end up in a Cadillac, and there will be a front-wheel-drive version of the engine in 2009 or 2010 calendar year," says a source familiar with the program. "It's an Epsilon (mid-sized car) based product."

The source said the diesel will go in the Vectra in 2008 and will come to the United States as a Saturn for the next generation Aura if all goes as planned."


We're so proud of GM — they're planning to put diesels in their US-built passenger cars, crossovers and trucks by 2010. Even better, they broke the news on their Fastlane Blog! And as you can see below — they used YouTube to do it! Yay, GM for using the blogosphere! We don't even mind that it's being used as a PR tool! Maybe this means you love us internet people now! Meh, who are we kidding?

Checking Back With Bob [GM Fastlane Blog]

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@rgseidl: wow, my head feels very full now.

please tell me you're an engineer or something so i don't feel so inadequate.