GM Not Breaking Up With Big Oil, Just Needed Time To Think

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GM just can't quit Big Oil. One week after we reported that the General planned a very public breakup with petroleum, GM is backing away from its new ad campaign. In a statement, GM spokeswoman Kelly Cusinato said, "It's one spot, and it's not in its final creative treatment yet. We don't know if we're going to run it." Reportedly, Big Oil actually has a really big heart and isn't that bad, it's just been under a lot of stress at work, and besides, it promised GM it would only drink beer or wine from here on out.

GM's Cusinato said the new campaign wasn't actually designed to target the oil companies but rather our dependence on oil as an energy source. GM is attempting to draw attention to its alternative energy efforts in the face of record gasoline prices and the perception that Japanese imports have made more progress in hybrid and alternative powertrains.


While we applaud GM's public awareness efforts, however flawed, the statement by Cusinato that "the commercials aren't meant to sell cars," is a blatant lie; combined with the mismanagement of this entire campaign so far, we question whether GM has the cajones to green-light an innovative marketing campaign should one present itself, and then stand behind its decision. But like a jilted lover, we'll keep waiting and hoping that something might change.
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