GM Likes Robots Again, Kills "Suicide Scene" From Super Bowl Ad

Being politically correct is really hard. I mean, look at the General. The world's biggest automaker's decided to stop the senselessness of a fictional robot capable of dreaming from killing itself in a dream. Did everyone follow that? No? Ok, let's break that down again — General Motors is cutting a scene from their robot Super Bowl commercial (found above in case you didn't realize it) that features the robot throwing itself off of a bridge. Apparently the suicide group has a serious issue with separating not only fiction from reality, but science fiction from reality. I'm torn between believing GM didn't have much of a choice and a call to arms for GM to get some balls. I mean, if the General bows to this type of P-Crap, what's next? Are the Depression Sufferers Of America going to go after the character of Marvin in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy?

GM bows to critics, cuts suicide scene from robot ad [Detroit News]

Super Bowl Ad Watch: GM Forces Robot To Kill Self [internal]

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Is the Robot Super Bowl different from the regular one? Or are we calling it that because "Tony Dungy" and "Peyton Manning" are clearly robots.