GM Halts Sale Of Crossovers Because Fuel Economy Labels Were Wrong

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General Motors has issued a stop-sale order on nearly 60,000 Chevrolet Traverses, GMC Acadias and Buick Enclaves because their fuel economy labels show inflated figures. Worse yet, the company says it has already sold tens of thousands of vehicles with the misprinted MPG figures.


Automotive News reports that on Wednesday, General Motors dealers received a memo from headquarters telling them to stop selling 2016 Acadias, Traverses and Enclaves because the MPG values advertised on their window stickers are wrong. The memo says 59,823 of the large crossovers are outfitted with labels showing a mileage figure that is “1-2 MPG higher than it should have been.”

Automotive News says the incorrect labels showed city, highway and combined ratings for the all-wheel drive models as 17/24/19, respectively, when the actual figures should be 15/22/17.

GM’s memo went on to say the company “is stopping sale of the affected models until a corrected label is printed and affixed.” A GM spokesperson told Automotive News that the problem was caused by an inadvertent “data transmission,” and that the company is “working as quickly as possible to fix the problem and get the labels shipped.”

Unfortunately, the company caught the mistake too late, as they’ve admitted to selling tens of thousands of the crossovers with erroneous fuel economy numbers stuck to their windows. GM will send corrected labels to customers who bought the affected SUVs, and is working on a plan to address customer complaints.

GM told dealers that engineers were the ones who discovered the error while working on next year’s labels, and that the company immediately notified the EPA as soon as they learned of their mistake.

Who knows what sorts of fines GM is going to face for this (if any), but you can bet customers who bought those cars won’t be thrilled to learn that their car won’t actually get the gas mileage promised on the official EPA fuel economy sticker.


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