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GM: Ford Super Duty's extra power doesn't mean a hill of beans

Illustration for article titled GM: Ford Super Dutys extra power doesnt mean a hill of beans

Late last year, Ford tweaked the software of its diesel Super Duty pickup to claim horsepower/torque bragging rights among the Nimitz-class carriers of the pickup world — heavy duty trucks. GM's just launched an internet mule-kick on behalf of its Silverado HD.


The company hired automotive testing and verification company AMCI — the ones that make sure automakers aren't engaging in false advertising — to run a series of "real world" acceleration, passing, and braking tests that they've spun into an online video series hosted by Howie Long.

One eye-opening result, with a 1,500-pound load, the Silverado 2500HD got from 0-60 in 7.66 seconds (compared with the F-250 Super Duty's 8.36 seconds), which is a tenth of a second slower than a 1989 Porsche 944. You've come a long way, trucky.

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It is tests like this that irritate me... The Ford is a heavier truck, get the weight on both of them the same and see what happens...

Like they say in drag racing, every 100 pounds is a tenth of a second.