Global Rallycross Should Be A Lot More Popular Than It Is

Bradley C. Brownell
Bradley C. Brownell

One of the most heart-pounding motorsport events I attended all year was the Global Rallycross event at a small oval track in Indianapolis. The cars were quick, the drivers were cheerful and happy to interact with fans, and the racing action was tight and close. With qualifier races and lower-tier races going on, it was a full day of on-track battling, and it made for a great trip. Unfortunately, the grandstands were pretty empty.


This morning GRC added the final from that race to their YouTube channel, and it’s as good an excuse as any to shout about how great the action is in this series. While a few of the big names have bailed in recent years, and Volkswagen has been largely dominant for a few years, you never really know what is going to happen.

I hope that the series grows in 2018, because the product they’re putting out there to fans is well worth it. On the heels of Formula E’s successes, they’re launching an E-GRC electric rallycross series to run the same schedule of events in 2018, and that could be enough to draw in the manufacturers and racers they need to grow. I’m amped, what about you?

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If you think that’s a blast, check your local scca chapters for rallycross events. Watching is great but actually driving is even better, plus it’s always an awesome crowd.

I’ll say the electric series has piqued my interest though, I think electric motors will suit the grc cars very well.