Giving The Dark Lord a Makeover: The BF Lamborghini Murcielago

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The tuning specialists at Zug Switzerland's BF Performance don't touch the flagship Lambo's powerplant (that's probably for the best; many tuning engineers have checked into the big, complicated V12, but few have checked out). The shop's focus is on cosmetics, and it literally slathers the Murcielago in carbon fiber in and out, from the front spoiler to the rear diffuser, tailpipe cover, headlight covers, etc. etc., ad infininauseam. Still, readers of German car magazine Auto Zeitung voted the BF Performance Murcielago first place in the "Tuning models over 50,000 euros" category in the magazine's "Auto Trophy 2005," which means... well, just that. The firm also offers braking and suspension components for the Lambo, but with the carbon fiber alone costing around $36,000, the bank may be broken before any of that can happen. Then again, if you're futzing with a Murcielago, you've obviously got the means. Go for it, bunky.

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