Give Us Your Pikes Peak Hill Climb Predictions

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It feels like the Indy 500 wasn’t all that long ago. Le Mans was two weeks ago. The Nurburgring 24 was just 7 days ago. Now it’s time for another event to equal those in historical significance, the 97th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. There is no team entered this year which can take on the overall record Volkswagen obliterated with its all-electric ID.R last year, but that doesn’t make the event any less exciting. There are tons of interesting and cool battles going on here, and that’s why Pikes Peak is still one of the coolest motorsport events in the world.

Without major factory support in the top Unlimited class, who do you think will win the overall this year? Robin Schute has the pole by a large margin in qualifying, running a HPD K-series-powered Wolf prototype, but will it hold together for the full run up the hill? California’s BBi Autosport has built a turbocharged Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car, which qualified in second, just ahead of Acura’s ex-World Challenge TLX GT. Who will run the fastest time of those three?

Of course, there are other awesome storylines. Will Rhys Millen take the production car record in a bone-stock 2019 Bentley Continental? Will Travis Pastrana repeat his 2018 win in the spec Cayman GT4 Clubsport class? How well with the handful of electric racers do this year?


I’ll place my bets on Schute to win the overall. As the only really well built prototype in the field, if the car holds together he’s got a good chance. I’m personally really excited to see Christopher Lennon’s EV-swapped 911 give it a real go. This thing looks great, and electric is the future of hot rodding. I applaud Lennon for taking that leap.

Either way, I’m excited to attend PPIHC for my first time. We’ll see who is fastest tomorrow. Follow along with live timing right here.

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Romeo Reject

I predict it will continue to be a racing series full of cool, bonkers race cars.