Give Me One With the Works: Mini Planning JCW "Stage One Kit"

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Those Mini followers at MotoringFile say more speed kitting that bears the name of John Cooper is on the way. Word is, the BMW brand will offer two new JCW products, not just one as it does now. Apparently, the really big news is a high-output, JCW-tuned Mini coming in 2008, which will reportedly be some measure of awesome. But before the day that model rolls out, the company's planning a mild bolt-on the MFers are calling a "Stage One" kit, rumored to boost horsepower to somewhere between 190 hp and 200 hp. The kit seems like a fairly by-the-book exercise, not unlike the first mods a new enthusiast owner might slap on. It includes a revised air intake, less restrictive exhaust and new ECU software. We'd imagine that would be a dealer-installed option, where the more substantial JCW tuning is now done at the factory. No word on price, but sources are saying 3000 euros in the European market. Why shop the catalogs when you can just check a box on the options sheet?

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Bad move - If it's powered by John Cooper, it'll never beat Michigan.