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When it comes to flying cars, it's hard to tell the legit developers from the kooks. Ever since we hung our bald-headed shingle in 2004, we've been getting e-mail from teams of self-described aerospace engineers who assure us they've mocked up the vehicle that'll have us Jetsoning around town like past futurists promised us we'd be. All they need, most say, is a sugar daddy to make it all come to pass. Not to belittle the work of Labiche Aerospace, who've informed us of their plans to build the FSC-1 (pictured), but frankly, we're somewhat jaded by the lack of progress in this area. Still, any hope is good, and the Labiche people say they plan to offer a kit for $175,000, and even talk buyers through the building and flying of it (at an estimated 275 mph). Sure it's outlandish, and, sure, the missing pieces in the car's story outnumber the non-missing ones. But think of it this way: What if you didn't find out until your neighbor rolled one out of his garage? You'd want to kick our asses, right?

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