Giant Asshole Dumps 400 Gallons Of Poop On Highway, Doesn't Wipe Up

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A malfunctioning shitwagon apparently dumped "three to four hundred gallons of raw sewage" which (at least?) froze solid on an exit ramp of Indiana Interstate 65. The trucker split, the road's been closed, and some public works guys had probably the worst shift of their careers.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Kim Riley told USA Today they haven't been able to find the sewer-truck driver responsible, who "likely won't even realize he lost the load until he gets to a wastewater treatment plant."Riley also mentioned "the waste was 6 to 8 inches deep in places on the ramp."


You can watch some construction equipment scrape the crap off the ground on video right here but, fuck's sake, why would you ever.

Commence your wincing gifs and punwriting in the comments! "Talk about a shitty commute" is taken.

Image via USA Today

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It's frozen shit, not a big deal. Anyone that's ever worked on a farm has had to deal with real live hot steaming shit. Try fetching a stuck ram from a collector that cleans the channels in a dairy barn and pushes it into the slurry tank. Fun times.