Ghosn Talking The Talk On GM

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Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn sat down with Detroit News auto writer Christine Tierney to discuss life, his favorite flavor of ice cream and, oh yeah...his belief that a three-way alliance with General Motors could generate big benefits for all three companies by increasing short-term performance but also helping with long-term direction. Ghosn emphasized it would only work if it were a friendly deal benefiting all three automakers and in addition:

"This would define the industry for many years to come if it were to there any possibility that in a few weeks, we just step down together and say, we're not able to see enough potential? I can tell you yes, this is possible. But if I didn't think that there is more chance that we will outline a big prize, I wouldn't be here today...the potential is big, as long as there is good faith from both parties to pursue it, outline it and be ready to work for it."


Now that's some pretty big talk about big potential from Ghosn — and there seem to be two really surprising things from just this little blurb. First thought is the man is totally looking at doing some serious nation-building — the man wants to be top dog, king and king-maker all in one. Second, if he's being honest about this it almost rules out using these talks as a feint to the left (or east really, cause that's where Dearborn is in relationship to the RenCen). It's unfortunate that Tierney and the Detroit News only have this one quote up until the rest of the article hits stands tomorrow. Kind of like some sort of...


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