Ghosn Loses It, Thinks He Can Sell Car For Three Grand In The U.S.

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Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn is interested in selling a bare-bones car in the U.S. for $3,000. Speaking such crazy thoughts might qualify him as a loony, but if he can actually pull it off he might have a legitimate reason to don that superhero costume again. Nissan and Indian automaker Tata Motors are both planning on bringing $2,500 cars to India in the next couple of years. It's that car that Ghosn would like to try selling in Europe and America. A number of changes would be needed for the vehicle to meet federal regulations, bringing the price to "around $3,000," according to Ghosn. We're waiting for word on whether or not the car will include a steering wheel at that price. [World Car Fans]

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I'm fascinated by the replies here to the effect of "Who would buy a $3000 car?" Apparently you've never been anything but middle class or higher. There is a huge number of people for whom $3000 is about all they can afford on a car. So if that $3000 will get you a ten year old car with an unknown history and 150K miles on it or a brand new car, I'm sure for them that would be an easy choice.

I personally know many people for whom not having to buy a clapped out old car and being able to get into something new with a warranty would drastically improve their fiscal situation because they wouldn't be paying for hundreds in car repairs every month.

Plus cars for commuting, or a second car, or for someone who rarely drives these things would be great.

Hell I'd be tempted to pick one up for a daily driver. That way I would have a new (if completely basic) car to drive to work and back, and more money to spend on my fun cars.