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Sir Carlos Ghosn, the man normally all about makin' friends and influencin' people, just dropped some pretty impressive numbers out of the Tokyo HQ of his globe-spanning alliance, Renault-Nissan. Net income popped up like a champagne cork to 164 billion yen ($1.38 billion) during the third quarter of 2006, that's up from 125 billion yen a year earlier. This came despite a sales slide of 0.9% to 2.324 trillion yen ($19.5 billion) — off of sales which dropped 7.6% to 883,000 vehicles. But, we can guess that first number must have buoyed the Napoleonic nanny of the Japanese-French alliance into his comments this morning:

"We have no need to find more partners. We are in no hurry to find more partners. And we are not taking any initiatives"

Man, Chrysler better totally hope the folks in Germany don't get sick of them anytime in the near future, because I've no idea where they're going to turn to for a dance partner. But, Ghosn did add that...

...if the alliance were to be looking for a threesome, the logical choice would be NorAm — but they were under "no obligation or need." Tom, calm down and wait patiently — jumping up and down in your seat is only going to make your corsage fall off and plus you'll end up making Chrysler look desperate — and remember, you're not a whore if you do it for free.

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