The former Swiss brand Saurer was mostly known for their well-built buses, trucks and the occasional tank, but Carrosserie Saurer also had a go at improving Italian design in the eighties...

The Merak was introduced in 1972 as Maserati's second mid-engined car next to the big brother Bora. It had the Citroën SM's V6 bored to 2,965cc, good enough for 190 horsepower and a top speed of 150 mph for those who dared. It's handling was pretty good thanks to better weight distribution, and they sold 1,832 in eleven years. But for some, that just wasn't exclusive enough.

Paul Saurer took a 1975 LHD car and built a brand new hand-made aluminum body around it in 1984. He completed the looks with 15 inch Gotti 3-piece split rims which demand 345x35 bespoke tires at the rear, costing $1000 each. And in case you open up that silver body, expect vivid colors while grabbing the Nardi.

This special Merak remained in Switzerland for eleven years, after which it went to Spain, only to be discovered again by the British in 2009. Improvement or not, in case you have an estimated $90,000 laying around, try your luck at Silverstone Auctions International Trophy Sale next month. After all, it's much rarer than even a Monteverdi, and the red trident is pretty badass...



Photo credit: Silverstone Auctions