About six million years ago, back when Chrysler was a province of the Kingdom of Prussia, specialty builder ASC created the droptop Chrysler 300 Helios concept. Since then, others have built convertible conversions. Now, in time for SEMA '11, there's a new one.

The coachbuilt Chrysler 300C droptop is the latest from Droptop Customs, home of a similarly converted Dodge Challenger. It doesn't have the central roll bar of other sedan conversions, but it does have the company's own understructure support system to maintain structural integrity. The top is designed to mimic the greater windshield rake of the newest 300C.

The company hasn't released pricing info yet, but the cars will be available at select Chrysler dealerships this year. And then, you can get up on a ladder with a video camera and do YouTube remakes of the opening of Entourage.