The incredibly dramatic McLaren P1 has been the undeniable star of the Paris Motor Show. But there is another place where McLaren has outshined the rest of the automakers as well: They gave pretty much everyone here their own P1 to take home.


Sort of...

During press previews at auto shows, the automakers give journalists a creatively packaged kit of information so they don't actually have to listen to the press conferences. Sometimes, there's an added surprise in store to keep you interested.

McLaren had an augmented reality app (click here for it) developed for the iPhone. It uses the camera to pick up a special design on paper that you print out from McLaren's Facebook page, which then generates a 3D P1 right on your iPhone.

It's unbelievably cool. Go to the app store to download your copy so you can get a bit of P1 coolness in your own hand, since you'll probably never own or see one yourself.


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