Chances are, you won't get much closer than this to either of these wonderful race cars, so enjoy these beautiful images coming straight from Goodwood Aerodrome's Hangar 8.

I was lucky enough last year to see the largest gathering of D-Types and XKSS at the Goodwood Revival. These machines are stunning at speed, but you rarely get the opportunity to spend some alone time with them to carefully observe all the details that made these cars the fastest of their time.


But our friends in the British countryside do, and thanks to Antony Fraser's photographs, they now can give us a peek of what's coming to the Members' Meeting in March, the cars known as the Goodwood Greats. Like this 1956 Jaguar D-Type:

And while we're at it, how about a V12 Lagonda that's not an Aston Martin?



Photo credit: Antony Fraser via Goodwood Road & Racing

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