Get to know the Geo Tracker with a Corvette heart

There's an alchemy to engine swaps of massive big-blocks into the chests of small cars with a minimum of sheet metal alterations. This Corvette-powered Geo Tracker may not turn lead to gold, but it can make rubber smoke.

Born from the frenzied mind of LS1 engine enthusiast LS1Blazer, the Tracker's needed several upgrades to handle the 401-hp thrown off by the LS1 engine in base tune alone. There's a new rear-end and transmission; LS1Blazer also said the Tracker's fuel lines had to be replaced, since they were originally designed as an IV drip for a 1.6-liter four-cylinder.


What's as impressive is the way the Tracker looks nice and nearly stock from the outside; it could easily join the Stoplight Racing Hall of Fame in the Sleepers wing, assuming a full-power launch wouldn't just crack Suzuki chassis engineering into metal shards.

Many builders would feel sated after completing such a difficult swap to create a vehicle whose power-to-weight ratio compares favorably with a Ferrari. But these are Chevy engine enthusiasts, whose need to tinker knows few bounds, and who often see the V of the engine block as naked without a little forced induction.

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