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Get the Upgrade: Lotus Launches Elise Rental Program

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Good news for those shut out of a Lotus Elise due to expense, the need for more cargo space or a trick lumbar spine (actually it's just good news for the first two groups, the third should buy a Buick and consult a physician). Lotus Cars USA is launching a rental program that will allow dubious fly-by-night drivers to get their hands on a 2007 Elise, at least temporarily. The program, which will be launched first in California, Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania, will most likely discourage track-day debauchery — possibly through a no-hoonage clause that limits insurance coverage to street use. Learn the VIN code, kids, you don't want to end up with one of these poor, pummled souls on the pre-owned market a few years from now.


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Hmmm... Any Phoenicians up for a Devil's Highway run in one of these things?