It's Boxing Day, when people in other countries give to the needy (or shop) and we complain or brag about what we got this year. Did you get or give any noteworthy car-related gifts?

Knowing our chosen profession and our passion, people often get us gifts of the automotive variety. Usually, this works out. A future family member gave us a copy of Floyd Clymer's Historical Motor Scrapbook Foreign Car Edition, in vintage hardcover, originally from the San Diego Public Library. It's quite a great volume if you can get your hands on it, primarily consisting of European car ads from the teens onward. Additionally, a certain special someone got us one of those 12-volt "Car Coolers" to keep beverages and sandwiches chilled on the long car trips we're fond of these days.

How about you? Get anything worth keeping or worth promptly giving away?

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Photo from The Samba.