Get On Your Recumbent Bike and Ride: Canadian Designer to Attempt 24-Hour Record

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Considering we spend most waking hours thinking about vehicles with motors, though we do travel by bike on occasion, we never considered how far we could bike in 24 hours. If we had to guess, it'd be in the mid-double-digit range (after a substantial break-in period, of course). One tech entrepreneur and triathlete, however, plans to break the current record for human-powered travel of nearly 635 miles in a 24-hour period. He'll be doing it in the "Critical Power," a recumbent bike sheathed in a carbon-fiber faring — the work of a Canadian designer using several software packages and (we're guessing) several cases of Canadian Orange soda. The venue for the attempt is the Redwood Acres Motor Speedway in Eureka, Calif.

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